Freelancing in India- How to get started.

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You have seen online mentors repeat this term over and over again.

You have seen people travelling the world Freelancing.

So, What exactly is Freelancing?

A Freelancer is a person who is self employed and works on projects on contract basis. The projects are usually short term and pay pretty well.

Why Freelancing?

More and more people are choosing freelancing. India alone has about 12 Million freelancers. USA has about 53 Million freelancers.

Why do people choose freelancing?

According to Statista, a Statistics Portal majority of freelancers state ‘Being their own boss’ to be the #1 reason they chose freelancing.

Statista report on Freelancer intentions

Other reasons include flexibility in work hours, working from home, to be able to earn some extra side cash.

Advantages of Freelancing

  1. Work from anywhere. As long as you have a good internet connection and skills, your location doesnt matter.
  2. Your choice of schedule. Work however you want. Late night? No problem. Early bird? No problem. The only thing matters is getting work done before deadline.
  3. Ability to focus on passion. Freelancing is the best option if you wish to follow your passion. Free times can be used to focus on your passion.
  4. You choose your clients. Being a freelancer means you get to choose who you work with. You can easily say no to clients which isnt possible in a regular job.


So you are convinced about the freedom in freelancing life.

What next?

What do you freelance on?

You need skills.

Not just any skills. Skills that are grossing in the market.

Making a paper aeroplane or acing in monopoly doesn’t help!!!

Top skills that sell in Freelancing world.

There are thousands of different skills you could develop. Do they all pay well?


Some are paid more and some less.

Heres a list of fields that earn a lot of money in freelancing platforms.

1. Programming

Yes!!! You heard it right. Programming, be it app development or any other kind is one of the highest paid freelance gigs out there. It can reach up to 100$ an hour!!!

2. Graphic designing

Demand for graphic designers is at its peak now. Almost 50% of work in Upwork is related to graphic designing. Every company needs a graphic designer for their logos, Ad brochures, infographics, presentations etc.

3.Content Writing

Writing is a lucrative field. It includes copywriting, content writing, creative writing, script writing and many more. Ad writing has the highest pay in writing field.

4. Marketing

Digital marketing is on the rise. Many companies outsource their work to freelancers. Marketing field has a lot of money and exposure. Some companies spend more than 5 million dollars on marketing!!!

Top skills to learn

To survive in a freelancing platform, you need to have skills. Refer the list below to gain a brief idea about the type of skills you need to cultivate;

  • Content writing
  • Copywriting
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • 3D designing
  • Programming
  • Website development
  • Academic writing
  • Proofreading
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brochure design
  • Google Adwords
  • Blogging

This list is just an example. The opportunity is huge!!!

You chose a skill or you are already skilled and are ready to work.

Where do you find work?

Platforms to find work as a Freelancer

There are paenty of platforms out there to startout as a freelancer. Chosing a platform that works for you is very crucial.


Upwork is the world leader in freelance platform market. Being the best, Upwork systems are safe and secure. However, to become a seller in Upwork, you have to be good at what you are doing. Getting your profile approved on Upwork can be quite tough, considering the fact that its overcrowded.


Freelancer is a good platform for beginners. Its contest options makes it easier to showcase your talent without prior experience. There are lakhs of freelancers listed in Freelancer. The payment gateway is pretty trustable and allows to integrate Paypal.


I bet you didnt expect this!!

In Facebook there are groups where employers post their requirements and freelancers can respond with their best offers. Getting is a gig is easier through facebook but since it doesnt have a payment gateway of its own, there are chances of scams.

I personally have found a lot of clients through Facebook and I think you should begin here too.

Reddit and other social media

Offering services through Reddit and Tumblr are possible. You just need to look where there are clients. Charges on these platforms might be a bit low but there are possibilities for a good paying gig as well. Like Facebook, there are possibilities of scams in these sites.

More platforms for Freelancers

Now that you know where to look for jobs, let me share few tips with you, that I compiled in my freelancing journey.

Tips for beginner Freelancers

  1. Have a personal portfolio. Be it a website, google drive link or previous work examples, having a portfolio that you can showcase is a great way to attract clients and have their trust in you.
  2. Know your strengths. Know everything related to the field you are working in. Read books, watch videos, take courses. Don’t make the clients feel that you are just talking.
  3. Never trust anyone easily. Let’s face it. They are a good amount of bad people out there. Getting conned is easy. Have terms and conditions set before working for a client. Verify the client and his background.
  4. Complete the task taken. The last thing you want is a bad review. Complete the task given to you with utmost dedication and always be on time. Meeting the deadline is very important in the freelancing world. Agree to gigs only if you can complete them.

Freelancing in India

Does Freelancing work in India?

Yes!!! It does.

By Freelancing, you not only tap into the Indian market, but also the International market. Theres no distinction, to be honest.

I have seen a lot of people earn lakhs freelancing from home.


They all have one thing in common. Persistence!

And an advantage being an Indian freelancer is that, in International market you get paid in $$.

I was recently paid a 25$ for a 800 word article. That’s a huge amount!!! 1750INR!!!

There you go.

You know what Freelancing is now.

You know what to do, how to do and where to do.

Are you ready to put in the work? You better be!

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