Professional Gaming as a Career- A beginner guide

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Ninja- Tyler Blevins

Do you know this guy?

Yes yes. Anyone slightly interested in online gaming must know this guy.

His name is Tyler Blevins, popularly called as ‘NINJA’

Ninja is a professional gamer who plays in e-sports events and streams in platforms like Youtube, twitch etc. He has the highest number of followers on Twitch with 30000 average views per month.

Ninja’s career seems shiny, dreamy and wasy. Earning millions doing what he loves, isnt that easy and great?

Well, there’s a lot of hard work and sacrifices involved behind Ninja’s success. By ‘ a lot’, I really mean A LOT.

Like Ninja, are you a video game maniac? Have you always wanted to live your life doing what you love – playing video games?

Then, your path ahead is bright my friend. Bright, if you are willing to put in the work.

There are a few things you need to know before starting out as a gamer. I will try to cover as many important pints as possible. Excititng, isnt it?

How to get started as a gamer


Was this too obvious? Or not!

Many do things because they are popular, a trend. Eventually, it gets them drained and make them discontinue with the efforts.

Passion is the most important thing to get you started with gaming and to hold onto it.

You need that burning desire and excitement to survive as a gamer.

Most of the gamers we see as successful are highly passionate in the field and have been gaming for a very long time.


Of course, like any other field, gaming demands skills. There are millions of gamers out there trying to make their living out of gaming.

Do all of them succeed? Certainly not.


They just don’t have the necessary skills or they don’t try enough to acquire the skills required.

Playing , playing and playing. That’s the only way you can get better.

Dedicating your time to understnd the game, master the controls and develop your reaction time. Thats what professional gamers do. They game and game and game!!!


This will be your work area. Your office. Your tools.

Having a good setup is crucial for any gamer. Any gaming experience to be good, it requires a good computer with a stable internet.

So what must this setup consist of? What is the minimum required budget?

That depends entirely on the type of game you are playing. Higher end games require higher end setup and a higher budget.

Computer setup

Your computer setup consists of CPU, GPU, Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor, Headphones and Joystick.

For a decent computer setup, you need to spend about Rs50000 at the least.

Laptop gaming is also an option, but comes off as expensive and not so reliable.

Choosing budget mouse, keyboard can be a challenge.

To make it easy for you, here’s a guide on best budget mouses and keyboards for gaming.

You can either go for a custom pc or an already set-up one. Custom PCs come as cheap and with an advantage. It’s customisable!!!

Guide on building a custom PC


This entirely depends on what kind of gamer you are.

If you plan on entirely dedicating your time playing in tournaments, you wouldn’t require a mic.

But, if you intend to stream your gaming, you would need a good microphone and a strong internet sconnection.

If you plan on streaming online games, then you need a very good internet connection and a streaming software as well.

So you are ready with your setup. You have incredible skills. You are very passionate.

But how exactly do you make a living out of it?

What are the different platforms that you can make money gaming on?


Streaming is the easiest option to make money out of gaming. There are a lot of platforms out there on which you can stream. Platforms like YouTube and twitch are well known among the gaming community.

Which one is better?

Well, that depends on what kind of videos you want to upload. Twitch allows only live streaming where as in Youtube, you can upload pre recorded videos and other cool moments.

Both of these platforms allow for online donations. Some gamers make more than a thousand dollars a day streaming through these sites.


The oldest way of earning bread and butter through gaming.

Tournaments are hosted throughout the year and they have hefty rewards.

I have seen a Fortnite tournament where the winner gets a million dollars.

Pretty awesome pay isn’t it.

Game tester

You get bigger at gaming,win tournaments.

You have good amount of followers.

Gaming companies pay you a big amount to play and promote their games.

Companies also want you to test their games in beta mode.

Check out this video of Nick Eh 30 playing Apex Legends.

Game Blogger

Gamers, after playing a lot of games can start gaming blogs.

Gaming blogs are usually how to articles, tips and tricks to get good at the game etc.

The earning is pretty good and gives you great exposure. If you are good at gaming and writing, this is a go for you.

Game Tutor

People want to learn gaming.

With rise in gaming as a career, more and more people are paying to learn from professional gamers.

This is a chance you can utilize.

In fact, Ninja was hired on Fiverr to teach Fortnite.

How much can you earn by gaming?

Well, you want to choose gaming as your career.

But you aren’t convinced of the earning.

Let me kill that doubt in you.

The richest gamer has earned about 1.5 Billion dollars playing Dota2 tournaments.

Just the tournaments. Not sponsorships, not streaming, JUST THE TOURNAMENTS!!!


Check this post out.

Believe me now?

You should!!!


Now that you have convinced about the opportunities in gaming as a career, lets look at the challenges faced by beginner gamers.

My friend is a gamer and has recently started streaming his game-play on YouTube.

He says that the initial struggle is to gain the following.

Don’t bother about subscribers in the beginning. Continue providing unique content to your audience. Be consistent. And above all, enjoy yourself. Dont forget why you started gaming in the first plaece

Omie Purohit

Check out Omie Purohit’s channel here.

Picking a game initially is also a big challenge. Here is a list of top grossing online games now.

What I would like to say is that, gaming is a very lucrative field. It has a huge opportunity these days.

But it takes a lot of hard-work.

It takes skill and practice.

Put in the work and see the result.


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